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Sump Pump Installation in Flower Mound

Protecting Your Home from Water Damage in Denton County

The best way to protect your home from water damage is to prevent it from happening in the first place. However, even the most diligent homeowner can't prevent every instance of water damage. In these cases, it is vital to have a sump pump in place to keep your home safe from water damage.

A sump pump is an electric pump that is installed in the lowest point of your home, usually in the basement. When water collects in the lowest part of your home, the sump pump kicks on and moves the water to another location, such as a drainage ditch or the street. This prevents water from seeping into your home and causing damage.

At CR Plumbing, we offer sump pump installation and repair in Flower Mound, TX, and the surrounding areas. Our team of experienced professionals can help you select the right sump pump for your home, as well as install and repair the unit when necessary. We also offer maintenance to keep your sump pump operating at peak performance.

Benefits of Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are the unsung heroes of home protection, offering a range of benefits that go beyond preventing water damage.

Here's why they are a crucial addition to any home.

Benefits of Sump Pumps:

  • Water Damage Prevention: Sump pumps efficiently remove excess water from basements and crawl spaces, preventing flooding and costly water damage.
  • Mold and Mildew Prevention: By keeping these areas dry, sump pumps help inhibit the growth of mold and mildew, safeguarding your indoor air quality and health.
  • Increased Property Value: A well-maintained sump pump can enhance your home's resale value, offering peace of mind to potential buyers.
  • Reduced Insurance Costs: Many insurance companies offer lower premiums for homes equipped with sump pumps, as they pose a lower risk of water damage claims.
  • Year-Round Protection: Sump pumps work year-round, ensuring your home remains dry even during heavy rains, snowmelt, or plumbing mishaps.

Investing in a sump pump isn't just about property protection; it's an investment in the safety, health, and value of your home. Whether you're safeguarding your basement or enhancing your home's overall resilience, a sump pump is a wise addition to your property.

If you are interested in a sump pump for your home in give us a call at (940) 355-0110 or contact us online.

Selecting the Right Sump Pump

Selecting the right sump pump depends on a number of factors, including the size of your home and the location of the lowest point in your home. The right sump pump can handle the amount of water that collects in your home without being damaged. It is also important to consider your budget and the features you want in a sump pump.

Some of the features you may want to consider include:

  • Automatic switch-off when the sump pump is full
  • Automatic switch-off when the battery is low
  • Audible alarm when the battery is low
  • Automatic battery charging
  • Automatic restart after power outage
  • Low voltage alarm when the battery is low
  • Low water alarm when the water level is too low

Sump pumps come in two main types: submersible and pedestal. A submersible sump pump is completely submerged in the water. This type of pump is ideal for basements or other areas where the water level is too high to install a pedestal pump. A pedestal pump is a dry-pump, meaning that it is not submerged in the water. This type of pump is ideal for homes with high water levels but limited space in the basement. It is also ideal for homes with high water levels that are located in a crawl space.

Installing a New Sump Pump

Installing a new sump pump requires professional plumbing services. At CR Plumbing, we offer sump pump installation. Our team of experienced professionals can help you select the right sump pump for your home and install the unit to ensure it is working properly.

Call us at (940) 355-0110 or contact us online to schedule sump pump installation in Argyle, TX.

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